Dear fellow explorers:

My goal with this podcast is to create an oral history featuring my fellow West Virginians. Far to often, the state gets an unfavorable portrayal in the media which tends to focus on the negative stereotypes that plague our citizens. I want to fight those cynical first impressions by highlighting West Virginia's breathtaking landscapes, its diverse musical soundtrack and its hardworking, warmhearted and resourceful people. Additionally I want to explore the hidden gems that aren't always easy to find on the map, but definitely worth the journey. I want to go right to the source; and hear the stories of people who either work, live, or are experts on the places that I visit. I am incredibly excited about this upcoming project and I really hope you enjoy it!



A Brief History

A few summers ago I was getting ready to go on vacation to Hawaii, and a friend texted to me, "stay wild and wonderful". This led me to make a recurring reminder to myself in my phone calendar to everyday live wild and wonderful, or in other words, enjoy the beauty of everyday and take nothing for granted.

I had been wanting to start a podcast for a few years, when finally it hit me; why not focus on West Virginia and all the wild and wonderful things the state has to offer. Plus it is a great excuse to travel, hang out with friends and promote their work, meet fascinating new people and be a tourist in my own state!

-Lauren Coil (Host)